Our work

Our Community Support Projects

We are determined to make a difference in our community and the World.

Deptford Reach

We are currently supporting Deptford Reach, London; a charity that helps the homeless and those in need.
We support Deptford Reach by providing them with food items and clothing for the homeless and those in need" Charity and Giving.

Clothing Collections

Our charitable arm Quicktohelp.org involves with the community by involving with those that are really in need in our community. We are able to do this by donation of cloths and monetary giving from our members, friends, families and members of the public. We collect cloths within London. Just give us a call and we will come to collect. We are even more grateful if you can bring it to our depot ...Call a member of our team on 07535638612 or 07956370530.

Education, Training and Advice

We are truly a community church be definitely a global outlook. We work hard to bring to our members knowledge they need to be better positioned in adding value whether in their personal business or at place of work.

Our professionals will train you within our capacity and advice you on career part that can add to your income and make you the sort after employee. We help you to harness your God given potential, refocus you and help you to see beyond the horizon.

Our dream is that every member will be either self employed or director of a company hence our training includes: Registering a Website, Website Hosting, Writing a Business Plan and more.

Please call in to discuss your need.

Education & Young People

Information is key and it is very important to know how to educate and what to educate yourself about. Too much educate can lead to information overload hence we advice on a tailored approach that may benefit the student not just the parents.

Our free classes for secondary school students includes:
- 11+ in Maths
- Key state 2 Maths
- Key stage 3 Maths
- Key stage 3 Science

Health, Life and Counselling

Our service lunch you into the presence of God in a way that the WORD becomes Flesh, the scale falls from your eyes and you see your body healed by the power of God. We equip Christians on how to take control of their health by taking personal responsibility of being a spiritual watchman with the study of the Word and prayers and not leaving behind the physical exercise which has its profit. We believe our God heals and in his presence as we lay our burdens before him and trust we hardly could find the trace of the past pains. Please ccontact us for more details.

Immigration and the Law

Our church opens its doors to all people. We welcome all people as true followers of our father in heaven that give rain to all mankind. We are proud to be inclusive and we take the concerns of our members serious, as we pray we also encourage, support and advice based on information publicly available. We are not an immigration consultant. Through our "quick to help" charitable service also points our members and others in the right direction to get necessary help. Please call in to discuss your need.